No college degree? Try the railroad

A friend posted a misrepresented job lead on Facebook about a railroad job, and after looking up the information (because I absolutely hate it when false leads are presented as fact), I found that the facts were slightly off, but there was indeed openings in the rail industry. Many of the jobs that are open do not need more than a high school diploma or GED. Jobs in the rail industry pay very well, in some cases, you may be able to work close to where you already live and will not have to travel.

Are you ready to interview?

"Paul's interview did not go as well as expected" Cartoon image of man falling from window of a high rise building

So you have just hung up from the call you have been waiting for, an employer wants you to come in for an interview. At this point, many job seekers will make sure they have their best suit ready, a clean copy of their resume, and list of references ready to give when asked. They may Google the route to the interview, or drive a dry run to the place, to familiarize themselves with the landmarks ahead of time. These are all great things to have prepared for the interview, but are you prepared to be interviewed?

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